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Modern grandparenting is a far cry from its traditional image. The current crop of grandparents (baby boomers) are younger and fitter both in body and mind than previous generations of grandparents.

They need to be, because they play a vital part in the lives of their grandchildren. Couples working full time look to grandparents to take on childcare; in families split by divorce, grandparents may be the only constant factor in the lives of their grandchildren. Increasingly, grandparents are holding the third millennium family together - and many are still working themselves, have second their families of their own, or are caring for their own parents.

Being a grandparent is a joy, but all these things can make it stressful. The Modern Grandparents' Guide looks at the pleasures and pitfalls, tackling everyday things like entertaining children, interference and spoiling. It also deals with serious issues like grandparentsí rights of access and how to maintain contact with your grandchildren if your children and their partners split, or if they live a long distance from you.

Jackie interviewed dozens of grandparents, their children and grandchildren, to look at topics from all sides, and their stories are warm, funny, thought-provoking - even brave.

The book has gone into three editions across the UK and Commonwealth and is available in large print.  Book extracts.

Jackie is often asked onto local and national radio to speak on this subject and issues arising from it.

She has also become spokesperson for a new website for grandparents called BeGrand.net.