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'Now Where Did I Put My Glasses? Caring for elderly parents, a practical and emotional lifeline'

We’re all living longer, and that's marvellous, but it can bring problems for families, too. Everyone who has elderly parents seems to be dealing to some extent with the same set of emotions – guilt, fear, maybe resentment, anger, exasperation with themselves, their parents, or local authorities. They’re overtired, stressed, anxious, feeling inadequate but trying their best to come to terms with the changes they see in the parents they love.

They need practical help and emotional support and Jackie felt that the best way to do this was to let families and the elderly themselves tell their own stories about everything from coming to terms with ageing to choosing a care home, having your parents to live with you, and dealing with dementia. She interviewed over 300 people, whose experiences form the backbone of the book, then added exhaustive guides, contacts and links for all the practicalities families might need. Book extracts

The book has struck a chord with families across the UK. So much so that Jackie is now giving symposia and presentations on all the topics covered by the books. 

She is often asked onto national and local radio to speak on related subjects.